Off the Screen! 2022: AAFF Installations

The A2AC presents a moving images exhibition, Off the Screen!, March 3-28 in partnership with the 60th annual Ann Arbor Film Festival.

The 60th Ann Arbor Film Festival is coming!

Starting March 22-27 with in-person and virtual options for all attendees.

Use code AAFF60_A2AC for $4 off to our partnered program: Biopic (screening Wednesday, 3/23 at 9:00 PM).

Check out the schedule HERE and purchase tickets & passes HERE. #aaff60 aafilmfest.org.


Inside the Box/Outside the Box

Ann Arbor, MI | 2022 | multi-screen digital video

Location: Aquarium Gallery, corner of Ashley St. & W. Liberty St.

Artists: Jeremy Liesen & Matt Wilken

The more connected we are, the more alone we become.  What we do next shapes the worlds in which we live.  How do we now define boundaries?  Where can our imagination take us and why should we care? What lives outside of what we know?

Inside the Box (Outside the Box) explores how technology can shape our ideas of connection, collaboration, and cooperation while moving us away from past perceived boundaries. Let us open the doors of the mind to begin the journey forward. 

Jeremy Liesen & Matt Wilken are multimedia video artists and musicians who have been collaborating since 2016.  Known for their inventive music videos, award-winning short films, exciting live sets, and creative approaches to storytelling, they are always looking for new ways to engage audiences.


Detroit, MI | 2022 | video installation

Location: Projected on the A2AC Gallery Windows, 115 W. Liberty St.

Artist: Manda Moran

This video installation reveals the hypnotizing interplay between light and metamorphic rocks through movement.

A graduate of USC film school, Manda Moran is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice spans film, photography, and installation. Her GIF installation “Laser Loops” premiered at the 2016 Ann Arbor Film Festival. She is an MFA candidate in Cranbrook’s 3D design department and a 2018 Applebaum Photography fellow.

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