POP-X: Art for Innovators Series

POPX Series Art for Innovators Ann Arbor Art Center Liberty Plaza Festival October 2015

Oct 19, 20, and 22, 12:00 – 1:00pm
Ann Arbor District Library Downtown
Free Events
Art for Innovators is a series of lunchtime presentations and discussions that explore
how the arts can support innovation and entrepreneurship.
Lunch by Babo available for purchase at each session.
Workspace Design POP-X Ann Arbor
Featuring Sava Lelcaj Farah: CEO, SavCo Hospitality; Shane Pliska: CEO, Planterra;

Dug Song: CEO, Duo Security; with moderator Yen Azzaro: Owner, Chin-Azzaro

What is the value of a hip, beautiful, or meticulously designed work place?

The panelists of this session dialogue with each other and the audience about the process
and benefits of creating a workspace that inspires creativity, attracts talent, and
creates a memorable experience for customers.
Design Thinking Art for Innovators POP-X Ann Arbor Art Center
Featuring Katie Robertson and Diane Tamblyn,

Wholemindesign, with an introduction by Damian Farrell, Damian Farrell Design Group

The artist’s process of creating work contains an abundance of transferable

practices that offer any entrepreneur or manager step-by-step methods for unlocking one’s
imagination to get to innovation. Katie Robertson and Diane Tamblyn of Wholemindesign lead
participants in a workshop that explores the practical application of designers’ thinking
strategies to any work process.
Creative Industries Art for Innovators POP-X Ann Arbor Art Center
Featuring Jennifer Goulet: CEO, Creative Many;
Neel Hajra: CEO, Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation;

Joe Malcoun: CEO, Nutshell; with moderator Marie Klopf: CEO, Ann Arbor Art Center

The arts have a unique ability to stimulate development in a community and

nurture innovation in a business. Panelists of this session discuss their experiences
and success metrics in ways that clearly point to opportunities
for the arts to spark progress in an enterprise or economy.


For more information
Call 734-994-8004
E-mail wrush@annarborartcenter.org
Visit www.popxannarbor.com

Founding POP·X Sponsors are the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation, Larry and Lucie Nisson, Old National Bank, and Gretchen Gardner and Josh Pokempner.

The POP·X Program Series is sponsored by the Ann Arbor Convention and Visitors Bureau, Moe Design, SavCo Hospitality, and Karen Crawford and Bill Welch.