A2AC Art Camp Scholarships

At the A2AC, we believe that everyone, regardless of age, ability, or socioeconomic status, should have the opportunity to experience the transformational power of the visual arts.

Thanks to many generous individuals, the A2AC is happy to provide scholarships to those with need. Scholarships are awarded from the following funds:

Art for Everyone Scholarship Fund
Matthew J. Segal Scholarship Fund
McKenzie Butler Scholarship Fund
Roseann Hebeler Brown Scholarship Fund


  • Scholarships are available for children ages 5-12 years old.
  • Priority is given to students whose families have the greatest financial need.
  • Applications will be considered and approved on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Eligibility does not guarantee a scholarship will be awarded.

View Scholarship Information & Guidelines

The table below is a general guide to scholarship awards. The A2AC reserves the right to modify scholarship awards at their discretion.

Example: (Please note, class and camp tuition amounts vary.)

If you apply and receive a 100% scholarship and your class is $200, you pay $0 of the class tuition.

If you apply and receive a 75% scholarship and your class is $200, you pay $50 of the class tuition.


Children must be between 5-12 years old either before or during the camp week they desire to attend. Eligible applicants may apply to receive a scholarship for one week of Art Camp per year. You may list more than one child on the application form.

All Spring & Summer Art Camp scholarship applications are due by March 1st, 2022.

Applicants will receive a response by April 15, 2022.