Waitlist Policies

How do I join a waitlist for a given camp week?

If a camp week is full, you will see a “+ Waiting List” button on the registration page. Click on this to join the waitlist.

How will I find out if a space becomes available?


If a space becomes available in a given camp week, we will e-mail a registration link to EVERYONE who is on that waitlist and the first person to register will receive the space.

If you you receive a notification that a space has come available and click on the registration link and the camp week is already full, this means someone else on the waitlist already registered for the space and there are no additional spaces available. If another space opens, we will repeat the process.

Spaces in a camp week may come available anytime between January 27th and the first day of the camp week.

What does it mean if I have not been contacted by the A2AC?

If you do not receive an e-mail from us, it is either because a space has not yet opened.

While we are unable to guarantee that a space for your child will open up, please keep in mind that spaces may open at any time and in rare circumstances, even on the first day of camp.

Please do not attend the first day of camp unless you have been contacted by an Art Center staff member. No charges are assessed until your child is enrolled in camp.

Should I call the A2AC to check on my waitlist list status?

Due to the large volume of inquiries we receive, we request that students follow the procedures listed above and wait to be contacted by e-mail if a space opens.

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