All Media Artwork For Sale (Dec 15 – Jan 13)







For inquiries or to reserve a piece please contact us at (734) 994-8004 – Learn more about Art Now: Printmaking

Come see them in person at the 117 Gallery in the 2nd floor of the Ann Arbor Art Center | Location and Hours

Lepidopterphobic Rhinoceros by Paul Van Heest, $12000

Oval Basket by Priya Thoresen, $250

Acid Wash by Rosemary Lee, $700

Untitled 4 by Sung-Jae Lee, $450

Salsa with Lime and House Paint by Vanessa Varjian, $500

Happy Body Collection by Vineta Chugh, from L to R $2000, $2000, $2000, $5000

Snowstorm by Winnie Chrzanowski, $800

Compromising One's Integrity #2 by Aaron Deshields, $650

Bearing Point by Ambrin Ling, $400

Gemstone by Autumn-Grace Dougherty, $600

Untitled by Carol Boram-Hays, $800

The Nature Channel by Christy Chan, $2000

Nasturtium Op. 3 by Elizabeth Panzer, $1250

Inverno (Winter) by Glenn Rous, $500

58 Objects by Ilene Curts Thayer, $1600

Oh God, Garçon! by Jennifer Belair, $575

HG 547 by Jesse Hickman, $300

HG 560 by Jesse Hickman, $300

Meeting by Kathleen Kameen, $700

Daydream: A Landscape by Kaylee Dalton, $700

Blue Birds by Lisa Marie Barber, $2100 (L); Brownish Girl by Lisa Marie Barber, $2800 (R)

Random Acts of Kindness Accomodate by Maureen Nollette, $1100

How Many Days Until Something Is a Habit by Megan Hildebrandt, $1250

Pelvis of an Unknown Goddess Over Lake Michigan by Morgan Barrie, $800