A2AC PlayLab featuring IS/LAND performers Olivia Lemmenes & Amber Kao

A2AC Gallery 117 W Liberty, Ann Arbor

A2AC PlayLab is a new monthly family event series geared towards caregivers with young children ages 3- 9 years. April’s A2AC PlayLab features dancers Olivia Lemmenes and Amber Kao from IS/LAND performance collaborative, who reside at the A2AC Gallery for the month. The dancers will guide caregivers and their children through a series of drawing exercises and movement exercises that Continue Reading


IS/LAND presents Tetra – Matinee Performance

A2AC (Ann Arbor Art Center) 117 W Liberty, Ann Arbor

IS/LAND invite the audience to attend and bear witness to a ceremony of transformation and transcendence. Forming rolls of colorful Hanji mulberry paper into shapes and pathways of wisdom, knowledge, and healing, the movement of the dancers offers improvised ‘rituals’ as communal gestures of healing and transmutation, ultimately creating a restorative healing space for both the audience and performers. Stay Continue Reading