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Driven by Toyota

A partnership between Ann Arbor Art CenterTheRide, and Washtenaw Community College

In Transit Exhibition Ann Arbor Art CenterIn Transit is a moving exhibition featuring the work of current WCC photographic technology students presented in four unique contexts, curated by WCC faculty.
The moving, pop-up nature of this exhibition features artwork displayed inside the entire fleet of TheRide buses as well as in spaces throughout the Ann Arbor area, from Ypsilanti to Scio Twp.

Moving Exhibition: Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority (TheRide)

Select artwork from In Transit, curated by WCC faculty and instructors (Terry Abrams, Jennifer Baker, Morgan Barrie, and  Don Werthmann), will be featured on the interiors of the entire 100-bus fleet of TheRide and the exterior of four buses for three months.

Stationary Exhibition: Ann Arbor Art Center Exhibition Gallery

Over 70 works from current and alumni WCC students will be on exhibition at the Ann Arbor Art Center from September 15 to September 30. The exhibition, In Transit, opens with a kick-off party from 6:00pm to 9:00pm with awards being presented for Best Composite, Best Black and White, Best of Campus Life, Best of Photography 101, and an overarching Best in Show.

Pop-Up Exhibitions

Outside of the Art Center and TheRide bus fleet, additional exhibitions will pop-up in Ann Arbor, and Scio Township. Locations include Ann Arbor City Hall’s City Gallery (Ann Arbor), and Session Room (Scio Township). Each location is easily accessible by various routes along TheRide.

    • City Hall’s City Gallery (Ann Arbor): Sept. 18 – Nov. 3
    • Session Room (Scio Township – 3685 Jackson Rd, Ann Arbor): Sept. 18 – Oct. 3 | Join us for the Artist Mixer: Sept. 19, 4pm to 6pm, Happy Hour food and drinks are available for purchase.

Mobility Passes: Helping People Go Places

Driven by Toyota and in conjunction with other area nonprofits, bus passes will be distributed to help people move easily throughout the moving, stationary, and pop-up exhibitions and provide increased access to other areas of the community.


The Exhibitions & Artists

In Transit presents four shows:

Discoveries:  A Selection of Work from Photography I

The Photography I class at WCC serves those who take it as a journey of discovery.  Students discover the ability of camera angle to change one’s perspective, the power of light to transform, and the pure joy of the instantaneous capture of an image. This body of work represents the best of these inquisitive endeavors.

Curated by: Jennifer Baker
Digital Media Arts, Photography Faculty

Artists: Raven Arbenowske • Tia Barksdale • Graham Battersby • LaDonna Baxter • Jan BenDor • Andrea Clark • Timothy Fody • Barbara Guobis • Kimberly Harris • Elisa Hernandez • Mary Huotari • Michael Mishler  • Sian Musgrove • Christopher Nelson • Ariel Raehn • Mohammad Shakibafar • Anne Marie Shields • Mary Stokley • Jeraldine Thomas Arias • Douglas Webster

WCC Campus Life | Environmental Portraiture

In 2007, the late Judith Hommel, Executive Associate to the former WCC President, Larry Whitworth, sent a message expressing that, “many of the college walls are blank and I have a directive to reduce their starkness with photographs. The President would like photos that illustrate the campus life at WCC.”

With that charge the Campus Life Project became a stalwart, end-of-semester assignment in Environmental Portraiture and has since generated a deep archive of photography from which the college can use for program recruitment or strategic display on campus. The collaborative nature of the project requires students to take on the role of being the photographer, lighting technician or location manager. This type of creative team is similar to what’s encountered in commercial or editorial portrait assignments where complex image constructions require professionals to combine their talents to produce an image worthy of publication. Designed to encourage critical thinking, deeper learning and logistical problem solving, the students are assigned to choose one aspect of WCC campus life that compels them to illustrate the student, faculty, or staff experience, with the college itself being identified as their client.

Curated by: Don Werthmann
Digital Media Arts Department Co-Chair, Photography Faculty

Artists: Mark Lentz • Ayako Hayami • Melissa Sturm • Sanja Jankovic • Mandy Kachur • Mel Fuller • Corey Nash • Jessica Leix • Joe Sharp • Tabbitha Plomaritas • David Malcolm • Kelly Johnson • Ashley James • Rebecca Clos • Jascha Wilcox • Chrystal Hohmann • Kam Gill • Garrick Chandler • Kris Guerrero-Merkel • Aaron Kline • Carolyn McCarthy • Rob Woodcox • Amy Johnston • Robert Conradi • Laura Adams • Jennifer Patselas • Tomiyo Wemert  • Lauren Bone • David Artushin • Kim Dosey • Jodi Link • John Kopicko • Justin Mierzejewski • Meghan Carpenter • Michelle Modaferi • Gloria Joseph • Brian Adolf • Joe Dinda • Barbara Tozier • Crisandra Welch • Melanie Goulish • Madigan Flaherty • Jennifer Wooley • Elyssa Pearlstein • Kate Jackman • Claire Lindsey • Rong Zhao • Bob Vogel • Joy Burton • Doug Miller • Stephanie Prechter • Eve Lebert • Caitlin Bussey • Amber Battle • Christine Combs

Black & White

The theme for this group of photographs is the photographer’s response related to their concept of bus transportation in Ann Arbor. The medium is black and white photography, which emphasizes light, shadow, form and texture. This approach provides an abstraction of reality due to the lack of color, and also a perceived realism due to the historical aspects of the medium.

To produce these images, students rode on buses, photographed bus stops, visited the AAATA bus depot for behind-the-scenes images and created images without buses, but using the light and subjects that may evoke the idea of light of journey that one may experience as a result of using bus transportation

Curated by: Terry Abrams
Digital Media Arts, Photography Faculty

Artists: Christine Billick • Michael Fried • Razvan Andrei Iordache • Geertrui Moerkerke • Douglas Stein • Jeannette Woltmann

Composite Based Photography

Composite images have been part of Photography from its inception. Students in introductory courses are often drawn to make these images as soon as they’ve learned the most basic workings of their camera. Given this pull to make composites, it’s surprisingly hard to get it right. Creating something that is more than the sum of its parts requires forethought, commitment, and technical prowess—all qualities that are fully on display by the student works selected for this exhibition.

These pieces represent the range of what composite photography can accomplish; panoramic images stretch what is possible to represent in a single frame, while collages juxtapose forms to create new meanings. While some composites deconstruct our own world and reassemble it using rectangular images, others create new and impossible environments. What links all of this work is that the photographer’s vision has expanded beyond the single camera frame.

Curated by: Morgan Barrie
Digital Media Arts, Photography Faculty

Artists: Amira Givens • Barbara Tozier • Cara Hartmann • Carmen Cheng • Duncan Mccallion • Hope Pickens • Jacob Palmer • Jeff Singleton • John Dykstra • Michael Fried • Misty Bergeron • Nikki Zywica • Robert Romig-Fox • Steven Goossen • Susan Edwards

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