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Juried by Tyanna J. Buie

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ART NOW: PRINTMAKING is the third annual exhibition in the Ann Arbor Art Center’s Art Now Series.  Each year, on a rotating basis, the Ann Arbor Art Center presents a media-focused exhibition as part of the series. We are pleased to present this year's exhibit which features innovative work in printmaking.

“We deal with printed images every day. Anything that is made in a reproducible format is a print.”  - A Complete Guide to Materials & Processes by Beth Grabowski & Bill Fick

The field of printmaking is an ever-evolving medium that is deeply engaged in the act of social practice. Printmakers are artists who employ the rich history of printmaking as a basis for the works they create, and are also known to share their methods, facilitate workshops, and create environments where collaboration is welcomed. Although printmaking is considered to be a niche field of study, it is universally known through its traditional and historical processes such as Lithography, Intaglio, Relief, and Screen-printing. Printmaking has paved the way for technology and many digital advances, changing the landscape of the art world, politics and education. Walter Benjamin’s 1936 essay “The Work of Art in the age of Mechanical Reproduction” suggests that a series or an edition is equal to an “original” work, which holds an historical perception of uniqueness and authenticity.

“It might be stated as a general formula that the technology of reproduction detaches the reproduced object from the sphere of tradition. By replicating the work many times over, it substitutes a mass existence for a unique existence.” (Benjamin, Selected Writing’s, pg. 254, 1936)

Some artists sustain their printmaking practice either through the development of self-supporting workshops by enlightening the community through hands-on activities, attending and or hosting printmaking conferences at educational institutions, engaging in social networking websites created solely for the purpose of interacting with other printmakers across the world, developing a commercial print-shop while working with corporations, touring the country to facilitate demonstrations and educating the public through lectures, and working with cooperatives committed to social, environmental, and political engagement.

While some artists are heavily based in traditional modalities of printmaking, other artists will test the limits of what defines a “print” and push beyond the conventional boundaries, thus allowing for hybrid processes to be employed and combined. The use of such advances include, digital photo-based imaging, sculpture, performance, video, installation, painting and drawing.

This exhibition will highlight artists that employ traditional printmaking processes, as well as artists who move across disciplines, using “print” as their foundation, with an emphasis on investigative and exploratory ways of working with the printed image.

Featured Artists

Chad Andrews • Miguel Aragon • Robert Aronson • Tom Baker • Naomi Ballard • Jennifer Belair • Karen Benson • Shirley Bernstein • Laura Beyer • Benjamin Bigelow • Allison Blair • Ben Bohnsack • Jan Brown • Josh Christensen • John Cizmar • Abraham Cone • Schuyler DeMarinis • Tess Doyle • Andrea Eckert • Stacy Elko • Travis Erxleben • Craig Fisher • Frank James Fisher • Zach Fitchner • Cindi Ford • Arron Foster • Jenie Gao • Eric Goldberg • Helen Gotlib • Tim Gralewski • M. Alexander Gray • Brett Grunig • Tatsuki Hakoyama • Dominica Harrison • Tom Hollenback • Richard Hricko • Joyce Jewell • Rhonda Khalifeh • Tonia Klein • Joshua Kolbow • Alexis Kurtzman • Emily Legleitner • Geneviève L’ Heureux • Alexandria McAughey • Tyreese McDurmont • Dante Migone-Ojeda • Zachary Miller • John Miller • Eric Millikin • Ashley Nason • Nick Osetek • Carole Pawloski • Polly Perkins • Liv Perucca • Sylvia Pixley • Tatiana Potts • Linda Prentiss • Morgan Price • Laurie Pruitt • Christine Reising • Karen Riley • Benjamin Rinehart • Celeste Roe • Mary Rousseaux • R Ruth • Blake Sanders • H Schenck • Melissa Schulenberg • Terry Schupbach-gordon • Kayla Seedig • Sarah Serio • Ashley Shaul • Sarah Smelser • Barbara Smith • Jillian Sokso • LaNia Sproles • Emily Stokes • Lonora Swanson-Flores • Carolyn Swift • Olivia Timmons • Donald VanAuken • Roger Walkup • Annie Wassmann • Ian Welch • Art Werger • Linda Whitney • Maryanna Williams • DeWayne Williamson • Connie Wolfe • Mary Woodworth • Cameron York


$500 Best In Show - Janet Gallup Award

Carolyn Swift (Traverse City, MI)
"Ebb and Flow"
woodcut, relief, etching, acrylic paint and ink, colored pencil

$200 Second Place

L Whitney (Valley City, ND)
"Hunter's Moon Dancer"

$100 Third Place

Miguel A. Aragon (New York, NY)
"Con las manos atadas"
burnt residue embossing

Two Honorable Mentions

M. Alexander Gray (Alexandria, VA)
"Byrd Creek Aqueduct"

Benjamin Rinehart (Appleton, WA)
"Team Ramey"
pressure print, letterpress, laser copy, archival pigment print, embroidery thread, mylar, acetate, vellum paper

About the Juror

A Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI native, Tyanna Buie is a visual artist who received her BA from Western Illinois University, and her MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Buie has attended Artists-In-Residency programs, such as the Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY and the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT, as well as maintaining a connection to the community by hosting printmaking workshops and demonstrations, while participating in Healthy Neighborhood Initiatives through the production of public art created for underserved neighborhoods in Milwaukee, WI. Buie has been a visiting artist lecturer in Tennessee, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Rhode Island and Arizona, while continuing to exhibit her works in numerous juried, group and solo exhibitions throughout the country. Her extensive exhibition record includes: The Contemporary Invitational Print and Drawing exhibition at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, The Haggerty Museum of Art, Racine Art Museum, The Red Bull House of Art, The Milwaukee Art Museum, The Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Dean Jensen Gallery, and the Museum of Wisconsin Art. In 2012, Buie received an emerging artist Mary L. Nohl Fellowship and is the recipient of the 2015 Love of Humanity Award from the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, and the 2015 Joan Mitchell Foundation Painters & Sculptors Grant. Her work is currently on view at the Milwaukee Art Museum as part of the permanent collection.

Buie currently lives and works in Detroit, MI, where she is Assistant Professor/ Section Chair of Printmaking at the College for Creative Studies.

Learn more about Tyanna J. Buie

Important Dates for Artists

Submission Deadline: Sunday, January 8

Artists Notified of Juror Selections: Saturday, January 14

Accepted Artwork Drop-off Deadline: Monday, January 30

Opening Reception / Awards Presentation: Friday, February 3

Exhibition Closes: Saturday, March 4

Pick-up of Work: Sunday, March 5 – Thursday, March 9


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