Mid-West Furniture Zoku








February 5 to March 5, 2016 MW Furniture Zoku 117 Gallery Ann Arbor

Co-curated by John DeHoog and Ray Wetzel

February 5 to March 5, 2016 at the 117 Gallery

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Zoku, in Japanese means a loosely affiliated tribe or clan.  The title, Mid-West Furniture Zoku, refers to our regional clan of furniture makers, designers, and educators.

This exhibition is but a small sampling of a much larger group of like-minded artists, designers, and educators working in the context of furniture. The works in the show represent a broad range of techniques, styles, and personal sensibilities, while at the same time demonstrating universal respect for materials, and deep interest in the integration of form and function. On display are objects that are familiar on one level, yet poke holes in our conventional views of how furniture should look and what role furniture plays in our daily lives.

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[span6]Aaron Blendowski •  Maxwell Davis •  John DeHoog • Laura Earle  • Nicole Hodsdon • Katie Hudnall • Chad Jenson •  Melissa Judd • Andy Kem  • Bob Marsh • Brian Nelson • Michael Neville • Matt O’Brien • Nick Stawinski •  Jim Stevens • Travis Taylor •  Marco Terenzi • Colin Tury •  Ray Wetzel [/span6][span6][/span6]
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