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Artists Meet & Greet – Tips on Applying for Grants

In our June edition of Artists Meet & Greet, Allison Buck, program manager at The Arts Alliance, gave us some tips on how to apply for grants. Check out her whole talk here: Don't miss or upcoming Artists Meet & Greet: Art Fair Edition on Wednesday July 20, where you will have the opportunity to…

I recently saw Ghost. What now?

By: AD Lenhardt - The 1990 movie starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore probably has had as much to do with shaping my profession as Shoji Hamada and Robert Arneson (look them up, I will wait). I would wager that in the nearly three decades since that movie came out, tens of thousands of new students have…

From the blog of Julie Renfro

TITLE NO LONGER TBD – PART 3 Several weeks back, as I was walking on the treadmill and staring at the parts and pieces that were the beginnings of my Aquarium Gallery piece, the phrase “fortune favors the brave” bubbled up from somewhere in my consciousness. Had a nice ring to it, but wasn’t sure…

Carolyn Barritt’s work on Netflix’ Bloodline

Are you watching Bloodline on Netflix? If you are, then you probably saw local artist Carolyn Reed Barritt's artwork in one of the scenes (Season 2)... Here's the story directly from Carolyn: "The film industry is quite active in Pittsburgh and rents and licenses artwork from the gallery I’m represented by there, Box Heart. The…