Monthly Archives: June 2022

Stacy Isenbarger

Stacy Isenbarger’s artworks highlight perceived boundaries built from one’s environment or perception. Through explorations of unexpected material collisions, poetic narratives, shared iconography, or collective engagement, Isenbarger continuously seeks ways to express complex negotiations of place and the desire to feel whole within it. "There has been so much worth letting go of in recent years,…

Nicolei Buendia Gupit

Photo of Nicolei Gupit Nicolei Gupit is a multidisciplinary artist from Los Angeles, California, currently based in East Lansing, Michigan. After completing her BA in Studio Art from Williams College, she taught English abroad at K-12 public and private schools in Micronesia, South Korea, and Taiwan. Her creative research touches upon issues related to the…

Jason J. Ferguson

Jason J Ferguson is an installation and performance artist originally from Washington D.C. He spent his formative years in Baltimore, where he received his BFA from Towson University, and continued his studies at the University of Delaware, where he completed his MFA in 2006. "I use humor and an absurdist voice to survey challenging topics…

Rachel DeBoard

Photo of Rachel DeBoard Rachel DeBoard is a painter originally from Kailua, HI. Her work draws on psychological portraiture, socially awkward encounters, existentialism, and the creaturely.  "My work is influenced by process and my surroundings. I make abstracted figures and animals on canvas and linen, using a variety of paint, binders, and drawing tools.” “Animals…

Marc McCay

Hi! I’m Marc J. McCay, the Ceramics Studio Manager at the Art Center. If it’s made of clay and needs to be fired, it goes through my hands.  I received my MFA from Indiana University-Bloomington and have been making art for many years. Clay is truly a transformative medium; making a functional pot or a…