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Darryl DeAngelo Terrell

Photo of Darryl DeAngelo Terrell. Darryl DeAngelo Terrell (they/them) is a Detroit-based artist who primarily works within lens-based media (i.e., photography, video), performance, and writing. They are also a Curator, DJ, Organizer, and Educator. “I'm always thinking about how my work can aid in a larger conversation about blackness and its many intersectionalities." "I do…

Josie Love Roebuck

Josie Love Roebuck (she/her/hers) [b. 1995] is an interdisciplinary artist from Chattanooga, TN. Roebuck is currently teaching at the University of Cincinnati, where she received her M.F.A (2021).  "When creating my work, it is both deliberate and spontaneous. It begins with a specific phrase or experience that has affected me either positively or negatively. Once…

Jason Quigno

Jason Quigno (he/him/his) is an Anishinaabe Artist born in 1975 in Alma, Michigan. He works in all types of stone and is constantly evolving, pushing the limits of each sculpture. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ita9Ng3uq6w Tomorrow’s Stories: Jason Quigno - Transcription (Interview with Saugatuck Center for the Arts for the Contemporary Native American Art Exhibition - October 4, 2017)…

Ayana V. Jackson

Ayana V. Jackson (she/her/hers) grew up in East Orange, New Jersey. Having studied sociology at Spelman College, she is interested in the 19th and early 20th century representations of the Black woman’s body. Her work examines myths of the Black Diaspora and re-stages colonial archival images to liberate the Black body.  Using her lens to…

Camille Hoffman

Photo from Historic Futures.Work created by Camille Hoffman. Camille Hoffman (she/her/hers) was born in 1987 in Chicago, IL. Reflecting on the construction of landscape, both natural and manufactured, "Michigan Landscape '' critically draws upon the language of historic romantic American Landscape painting and contemporary kitsch to speak to the urgent environmental reality facing low-income communities of color…