Beth Billups: RINSE/REPEAT Featured Artist

Meet Beth Billups, a mixed media artist who has exhibited her work and taught for the past 20 years. She has taught classes at the Ann Arbor Art Center for three years. Beth won third prize for her piece, “And Then She Took Flight,” currently on display in the 117 Gallery as part of RINSE/REPEAT.

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Beth’s encaustic and cold wax paintings have been included in numerous publications and have been exhibited across the country. Her work explores home as a personal narrative and examines our connections to the natural world and to each other. She builds layers of meaning by combining ephemera, oil paint and beeswax, rendering modern images in an ancient medium.


After two decades of living in bustling urban settings I returned to my home state of Michigan. The lack of visual noise in west Ann Arbor allows me to drink in the quiet beauty of this place and has taught me to see in new ways. The endless shades of green, the winding roads and rivers, the pale pink sky at dusk and dawn repeatedly find their way into my daily painting practice. My work is an intuitive reaction to my surroundings and an exercise in abstracting the familiar.

See more of Beth’s work on her website.


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