Impact Investing At AAACF

How a low-cost loan made a huge impact for the Ann Arbor Art Center

One of our newest and most successful initiatives has been to open the Roseann Hebeler Brown ARTLab (Art Reach Technology), which encompasses educational programming featuring innovative classes, and workshops combining traditional art and digital technology. In order to achieve this vision, we needed a dedicated space within our facility which led us to the conclusion that a full third-floor renovation was required. The Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation‘s low cost loan was exactly what we needed at an opportune time!

Our space is now perfectly equipped with twelve computer workstations for fun and inventive classes including stop-motion animation, digital illustration, and many more. In addition to that, it has transformed into such a visually appealing and beautiful space, that our facility rentals have increased manifold, making it the perfect stage for private events—ranging from corporate get-togethers to incredible weddings!

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