Deanne Neiburger

Hi, I’m Deanne Neiburger, the A2AC’s Ceramic Studio Tech! I am the person behind the scenes, alongside the studio manager, keeping our ceramic studio running. 

I grew up not far from Ann Arbor, in Redford Township, and came to attend the University of Michigan in 1993.  I began my undergraduate as an aeronautical engineering student, but I transferred to the UM School of Art and Design to follow my true passion, and earned my BFA with a major in figurative sculpture and drawing in 1997.

My first role at the Art Center was as a student in their figurative drawing drop-ins.

Motawi Tileworks
Deanne Neiburger sculpture

After a few years of learning Ceramics, I began working in production at Motawi Tileworks. My time there was invaluable, allowing me to learn and observe every aspect of ceramic tile creation, including pressing and trimming, firing, glazing, finishing, and shipping.  When the studio tech position opened at A2AC I was thrilled at the chance to become part of this organization and team and to continue to learn all that goes into running a ceramic studio.

Besides working at the Art Center, I am a sculptor and am currently working on a new series, returning to my roots in figurative work and combining it with my more recent work in ceramics. There is nothing so magical to me as seeing an idea of a figure in my mind and watching it take shape in front of me.  The work I create is all about that connection between people, compassion, and understanding even when no words are said.   

Aside from my ceramic work, I am a hobby enthusiast, including crochet, cross-stitching, sewing, building, painting, and gardening.

I have played the flute since the age of 11, and am a member of the Ann Arbor Concert Band that performs several concerts a year at the Michigan Theater.  I also played the sousaphone in the Michigan Marching Band, where I met my husband, and keeping with our musical roots, we, along with our 2 sons, are the Nintendoland Family Band. I also love to play the banjo at home and am looking for good campfires.

I am a huge hockey fan and have been honing my own hockey skills for 25 years, beginning with the UM Marching Band Winnebagos, the Frozen Assets, and for the past 5+ years, the O’Leary Hawks based in Livonia, part of the MSWHL women’s travel league.  To help skate faster I began running trails with my dog, Georgianna, and find our time in the woods the best part of our day. 

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