Stacy Isenbarger

Stacy Isenbarger’s artworks highlight perceived boundaries built from one’s environment or perception.

Through explorations of unexpected material collisions, poetic narratives, shared iconography, or collective engagement, Isenbarger continuously seeks ways to express complex negotiations of place and the desire to feel whole within it.

“There has been so much worth letting go of in recent years, yet I still feel an atmospheric pull to try and tie the air back together and hold on to something grounding where I am.”

Photo of Stacy Isenbarger
Photo of Stacy Isenbarger

“Consumed by various fears, distractions, and environmental losses, we are not only missing the subtle, comforting details around us but are left not knowing how to savor them.”

Artwork titled "Edged Means"
Artwork titled “Edged Means”

Isenbarger’s creative pursuits include sculpture, installation, mixed-media drawings, student mentorship, and supporting community exchange through art.

“As we redefine our sense of shared space and what it means to feel “at home,” I continue to consider how the shadows of thresholds we’ve passed through still shape our newly felt experience.”

As an Associate Professor of Art + Design at the University of Idaho, she celebrates her opportunities to explore creative communication and empowerment.

When she’s not teaching or making—and sometimes when she is—she’s usually dancing since the act continuously validates her joy of community acceptance and shaking up space.

“In my studio space, I surround myself with gathered piles of found remnants of home (mostly upholstery fabric, pieces of furniture, rope & velvet) and elements of nature I’ve found on hikes. Texture fuels me, but also my need to tidy & dignify.

I aim to create forms that have their own persona or suggestive stance. I sketch with my materials—folding, colliding, stitching, rotating, etc. until I find a finish. Sometimes this feels spontaneous, sometimes not, but I’ve fondly referred to my process as “Tetris-ing.”

Stacy Isenbarger working on an artwork titled "Porch Swing"
Stacy Isenbarger working on an artwork titled “Porch Swing”

Isenbarger is looking forward to some creative and refreshing adventures in Wales this summer and installing a solo show, “Erosion of Air,” at Oklahoma State University this Fall.

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