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Tim Parsley

Tim Parsley is Associate Professor and Program Director of Studio Arts at the University of Saint Francis, Division of Creative Arts, in Fort Wayne, IN. As an artist primarily working through painting, drawing, and collage, Tim’s work navigates the history of America and the complicated tensions caused by its constructive ambition.  “With a focus on…

Dr. Hubert Massey

Dr. Hubert Massey is an award-winning Kresge Fine Arts Fellow. His distinctive fresco murals grace the halls of such visible Michigan destinations as the Flint Institute of the Arts, Detroit Athletic Club, and his alma mater, Grand Valley State University. He studied at the University of London’s Slade Institute of Fine Arts and later learned…

Louise Jones “Ouizi”

Louise Jones is a Shanghainese American artist working out of Detroit, MI. Her murals primarily depict floral motifs and sprawling bouquets. Her creative pursuits are seasonal and emotionally driven. “When I am tasked to create a design for a mural, I usually go with the first thing that comes to mind in terms of color…

Mary Iverson

Her paintings and murals explore the balance between the environment and industry. They inspire conversations about our complicated relationship with nature. She teaches painting and drawing at Skagit Valley College, where she is the Art Department Chair. Currently, she lives and works in Seattle. Her designs begin with sketching in nature. Then back in the…

Emily Herr

Photo of Emily Herr painting a mural Emily Herr creates custom hand-painted murals at home and on the road under the name HerrSuite. She’s been painting professionally for ten years, specializing in careful context-based design with bright imagery. Self-employed since graduation from VCU, she has worked full-time as a muralist in clients’ homes, businesses, and…