Dr. Hubert Massey

Dr. Hubert Massey is an award-winning Kresge Fine Arts Fellow.

His distinctive fresco murals grace the halls of such visible Michigan destinations as the Flint Institute of the Arts, Detroit Athletic Club, and his alma mater, Grand Valley State University.

He studied at the University of London’s Slade Institute of Fine Arts and later learned the centuries-old fresco technique from former assistants of legendary artist Diego Rivera.

Today Hubert is the only known African American commissioned fresco artist in America.

“As a muralist, my work shows the process of creating frescoes and murals, starting from the conceptual ideas stage to completion.”

He makes drawings based on the stories community members share. He often creates work in his studio on Marygrove College’s campus.

You can spot his bold, vibrant images throughout the Detroit metropolitan region.

When I create murals, I request input from the community to learn about the community’s history and how to depict this in my work.

If you’ve visited landmarked community attractions, you’ve encountered the remarkable work of master artist Dr. Hubert Massey.

Currently, he is working on several exciting large projects in the Metro Detroit area.  All the projects will be based on community input.

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