Kate Robertson

Kate Robertson Education Director at the Ann Arbor Art Center

Hi! I am Kate Robertson, A2AC’s new Senior Director of Operations.

In all my different roles at the Art Center, I have always followed the path of, “How can I be the most helpful?”. My current role is no different. I am so excited to continue to support our fantastic team in making creative programming and ideas come to life! 

I am originally from North Dakota but have lived in Michigan for eight years! I have a BFA in sculpture with a minor in art history. I work mainly with wood but enjoy drawing, planning, and sketching future projects. I love working with a group of outstanding people, and I thrive working in a collaborative environment with creative goals and energy. I am so thankful for all of the exceptional artists and individuals I have met during my time at A2AC.

One last fun fact about me; my pandemic hobby was teaching my mini poodle Alice new tricks and documenting her adventures through Instagram and TikTok.

Kate's black curly haired dog named Alice.
Ann Arbor Art Center Art & Brew Front Building Facade Historical Old West Side Arts District

As part of this wonderful organization, I am incredibly proud of all the fantastic things that the art center team accomplished during the strangeness in 2020 and 2021. I am looking forward to seeing how we continue to grow many of those initiatives moving forward into 2022!

A2AC is an integral part of the fabric of downtown Ann Arbor. I encourage anyone with a love of visual arts and the creative community to be involved!

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