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Hi! I am Marie Klopf, the president and CEO of the Ann Arbor Art Center (A2AC).

I grew up in Michigan and joined the A2AC in November of 2012 as the interim president and CEO. At that time, the board of directors was conducting a national search to replace the long-time President and CEO Marsha Chamberlain, who was retiring after 30+ years of service.

Three months into the role, I was so intrigued by the organization, its mission, and potential that I tossed my hat into the ring for consideration as the permanent replacement. The rest is history.

Having relocated to Ann Arbor to assume this role, most people in Ann Arbor only know me as a leader of A2AC. Throughout these past nine years, I have enjoyed engaging with the community, meeting new people, and networking to advance the organization’s mission. I pride myself on being someone experienced and successful at getting things done.

Fun facts about me… I am a naturalist, aka “crunchy,” and even make my own face cream; I love the outdoors, skiing, hiking, running, biking, golfing, foraging for mushrooms, and most recently, sailing. During the pandemic, my husband John and I purchased a 28-foot sailboat. New to sailing, early apprehension has transitioned into great enthusiasm. I’m hooked and love spending time navigating the ever-changing waves and winds of Lake Michigan.

Marie Klopf's Sail Boat
Summer Art Camp Smiling Girl 8-9 year olds
New A2AC Gallery

There are so many things I love about the A2AC. Working with this fun, passionate, talented, and creative group of art professionals is both an honor and a pleasure. I am continually amazed by the innovative programs and projects that they produce. I believe that my two adult children, Nik and Alaina, would have benefited from and thoroughly enjoyed attending summer art camp here at the art center – one of the best art camps in the state of Michigan.

During my tenure at the A2AC, progress has been remarkable, including; updated systems and processes, infrastructure upgrades, and most recently, the purchase of the building next door and the associated renovation of the combined space.  My role within these changes has been building a solid team and working daily to support our collective goal achievement.

Excited for our future, I am eager to complete the expansion campaign’s fundraising and planned building renovations in 2022! We are all looking forward to welcoming community members, businesses, and visitors alike into our newly remodeled and expanded facility.

My elevator pitch: The A2AC is the only resource in Washtenaw county, outside of a college or university, where artists and art lovers of all skills and abilities can make, see, learn, and buy art.

Our beautiful downtown location is a must-visit place for everyone. Check out the website, A2AC, for an ever-changing canvas of visual art experiences and activities for all. 

Front View of A2AC Building

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