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Hello, I’m Meaghan! I am the new Development and Communications Director at the A2AC, and I work with our amazing community to secure funding and partners for the team’s incredible initiatives and programs. 

I grew up in the small town of Pinconning, but I’ve called Ann Arbor home for the past ten years.

Fun fact about me: My husband and I love to eat and experience different cuisines, so my pandemic hobby has been cooking as many flavorful and delicious things for Alden (my son) as possible. We also love to travel, visit museums and galleries, and spend time outside as a family.

I started as the Development Assistant in my last semester at Eastern in 2014, and I can confidently say that I found my passion. I realized that this industry was the perfect balance between my analytic and creative sides; and noticed that, while being more rational, I thrive being surrounded by the creative and talented team at the Art Center.

I love so many aspects of working at A2AC! If I had to pick just one, I would say that my favorite part about working here has been learning why our donors and patrons love and support the A2AC and visual arts. Every person that walks through our doors has a memory that involves one or both and having them trust me (and the rest of the team!) enough to share those memories fills me with joy.

Figure Painting Class
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Joey Salamon Mural

As the A2AC has grown and evolved in the past eight years, so has my role. Starting as the Development Assistant, then Manager, and now Development and Communications Director, my responsibilities have shifted and will continue to change. At first, I primarily managed the database and acknowledgment process. Currently, I support the A2AC through creating and implementing the fundraising strategy, leading the communications team, and helping to drive organizational efficiencies. 

I genuinely appreciate the growth I have experienced in my personal and professional life thanks to A2AC and will continue to strive towards my goal of supporting the A2AC team and seeing their programs and initiatives come to life.

When thinking about A2AC’s future, I look forward to… Everything! 

From opening the doors of our newly renovated building to taking part in someone’s experiences with their first art class, exhibition, or even a conversation over a piece of art. I am excited about all of these things and more!

The A2AC feels like home, and I hope you think that too! When you engage and support the Art Center, you’ll be energized by what’s happening, what’s to come, and the endless possibilities. You’ll feel challenged by the conversations and the art in the best way possible, and you’ll find comfort in being surrounded by incredibly talented and like-minded individuals.

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