Straight Up Artist, Olivia Guterson

Straight Up, the Ann Arbor Art Center’s monthly Art Pop-up, is on the road this summer with its 3-part SUMMER FLING series! Mark your calendars for part 2 on Thursday, July 19 as Straight Up visits Ypsi with artist Olivia Rae Guterson. We’ll be grooving to live music by DJ Khlonez, doing a free paint-your-own succulent pot activity and drinking beer provided by O&W Inc.  We’ll see you at Hyperion Coffee [306 N. River Street Suite D, Ypsilanti]!

Meet Olivia Guterson!

Olivia Guterson is a Detroit based creative, tech entrepreneur, and community organizer. She is consistently creating new work; building community; and representing her art collective Art Babes. Deeply influenced by the textures, landscapes, and patterns of her upbringing in the Southwest, as well as, her Russian and African heritage; her work focuses predominately in black and white for its stability, intensity, and honesty. Olivia has always been moved to create and has cultivated an obsessive style of line making and pattern working that emphasizes the delicate beauty and balance of the human hand. Her work tends to focus on the contrast of black and white; busy and still; quiet and loud. Things are more than they appear at first glance. Everything is ephemeral.

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