RINSE/REPEAT Featured Artist: Maria Bohannon

Our current exhibition, RINSE/REPEAT explores concepts of routine in  creative practice, focusing more on the actions rather than the outcome. You can see it in the 117 Gallery from now until September 15. Check out one of our featured artists, Maria Bohannon.

rinse repeat ann arbor art center Bio:

Maria Bohannon is a graphic designer with experience encompassing brand identity, design and communication for companies from a variety of industries, as well as small community non profits. She also has several personal design interests including expressive use of typography, a series of laser etchings based on Euclidean geometry, and a series of collages titled Discarded. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Oakland University.

Artist statement:

The mathematical treatise created by Alexandrian Greek mathematician Euclid, is the basis of visual exploration that illustrates the relationship of circles, equal parallelograms, correspondence of shapes, points of tangents and duplication. I am interested in the inherent geometric beauty and logical order of these relationships.


Check out more of Maria’s work here.

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