Straight Up Featured Artist: Jeremy Wheeler

STRAIGHT UP, the Ann Arbor Art Center’s monthly art pop-up is on the road this Summer with its 3-part summer fling series. Come hang out with us for the final installment on Wednesday, August 29 (7pm-10pm). We’ll pop-up at Leon Lofts [715 W Ellsworth Rd # A, Ann Arbor, MI] with local artist, Jeremy Wheeler. Get ready for a live DJ set, artwork for sale, and a free printmaking activity (stay tuned for more details!) Join the Facebook Event for all the updates. 

Meet Jeremy Wheeler! 

Multifaceted Ann Arbor creative Jeremy Wheeler specializes in vivid pop art that includes entertainment editorials, print releases, as well as music event promotion. Blending comic book vibrancy and dynamic graphic design with a hefty dose of rock ‘n’ roll movie geek swagger, Wheeler’s unique style can be seen through his work with such prominent clients as Esquire, A.V. Club, Death Waltz Recording Co., the All Movie Guide, the AADL, Vault of Midnight, and the Bang!, a long-running dance party that he co-created and guided the visual aesthetics of since 2001.

Shapes, flow, and contrast defines what I do. Pop and cult idols are boiled down to stark contrast. Neon psychedelia inhabits the negative space. New worlds explored. Familiar ones adapted. Brought to life through tactile means such as Sharpies and serigraphy. Created for walls, bookshelves, flat files, and light posts. Lives between the DIY and pop art world. – Jeremy Wheeler

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Straight Up is supported in part by an award from the MCACA

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