Pat Perry

Pat Perry is an American visual artist best known for painting, drawing, photography, and installing large-scale outdoor mural installations across the United States, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, New Zealand, and Australia.

Throughout the 2010s, Pat became known for his series of sketchbooks and photos documenting years of traveling itinerantly around the United States.

“The constant challenge is to find a balance between adequately planning while allowing the work to be playful and intuitive.”

Pat works and lives in Detroit, Michigan.

He used the process sketches displayed at the exhibition to plan and develop concepts for six outdoor murals.

The projects were eventually seen to their completion on the sides of two abandoned buildings, a rowing facility, an elementary school, a section 8 apartment building, and a plane crash site in the Arctic Circle.

“Artists are tasked with gracefully solving the riddle of how to plumb the depths of human experience while also not taking ourselves too seriously.”

Perry’s ongoing series of Recital works use a fictional group of performers who animate technology’s knowledge limits and emotional effects.

In 2021, the works were displayed in Sensemaking, a solo show at Hashimoto Contemporary NYC.

Upcoming mural project in Kosovo in August. Group show at Mesa Arts Museum in November, solo exhibition at Hashimoto Contemporary Los Angeles in 2023.

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