Sal Rodriguez

Sal Rodriguez is a Detroit-based artist known for his unique lifestyle and editorial photography style.

After growing up fascinated with the arts, Sal got his BFA and did a little graphic design work, but he went back into photography which had been his passion since High School. He has photographed everything from art, sports, clothing, and music.

His present and past employers include Red Bull, Bedrock, Bally Sports, Fox Sports, NBC, HOUR Magazine, Juxtapoz Magazine, and General Motors. He shoots everything, just shy of weddings.

“As a working photographer, I typically shoot on site and hardly ever need studio space.”

When thinking about his process as a photographer, he likes to refer to a quote from his great friend and artist, Matt Eaton:

“It’s usually quite difficult to make a photograph of a static piece of visual art. Sal does this, though; he can effectively convey the emotion of his experience with his muse at the moment of the shutter closing with ease and immediacy. The attention to light, shadow, and ambiance separates a visceral experience from a traditional photo.”

When you walk, bike, or drive past a mural, you never really think about the moments when it was created.

“My contribution to Beyond The Pail is a small selection of curated images representing the documentation of mural making.”

These photos are a small sample of the feeling when an artist works in hot weather, at great heights, with an audience, or alone and represent a bond between myself (the photographer) and the artist, as he usually spends hours on every mural he shoots.

Besides being a working photographer, he is still working on a personal project called “Shipwreck Detroit.”

In this project, He photographed abandoned boats discarded throughout Detroit’s streets. These images are shot on Medium Format film to evoke more feeling and eeriness. He wants to wrap this project up and is currently looking for a place to show it.

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